Firoozkooh Doogh

A treasured national beverage, doogh has turned into a cultural heritage among Iranians. We can go as far as to say that doogh is Iran’s national drink, rich in probiotics and nutrients.

The popularity of the tangy beverage goes well beyond the borders of Iran. For hundreds of years, the yogurt-based drink has captured the hearts of Middle-Easterners and added to the aromatic flavors of the mysterious East.

But what is doogh? The sometimes fizzy drink is made from yogurt as its main ingredient along with salt, water and herbs that season the mix. . It is the quintessential accompaniment with everyday meals and a refreshing choice in late mornings and afternoons. There are not many drinks throughout the world that are both savory and nutritious. Doogh is a perfect choice for hot, steamy summer days to keep you healthy, hydrated, and ready for the day!

A Bottle Full Of Refreshment